Tree of Life The Star MPD4250

Tree with Golden Star Pendant with Gemstone MPD4250

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Tree with Golden Star Pendant with Gemstone MPD4250
It is when you feel something walking in the forest or past large old trees, that you realize just how alive the trees are. The forests. For the Tree of Life stimulates.

A symbol of a new beginning, positive energy, well-being, a bright future, growth, and strength – the mystical and magical tree of life embodies them all prominently known throughout many cultures. It is an important icon symbolizing the connection between the earth and all living creatures, as its branches reach high into the never-ending sky and its roots penetrate deep into the nurturing earth.

Inspired in Peter Stone’s Tree of Life collection, this beautiful pendant showcases its symbol of the nourishing powers of the Mother Earth, our continuing connection through all generations, and a representation of our spiritual growth. Life, at the end of the day, is one big continuous adventure. It is about energy flow. Live it passionately and trust your journey.
Details :
- .925 Sterling Silver with 14Karat Gold Plate and gemstone
- Pendant size 1.32 cm. Diameter