Wholesale Dropship Marketing Success System

Welcome to the Peter Stone Wholesale Dropship Marketing Success System!

If you want to make More Money Without Spending Money, this is the Perfect Marketing Tool and Opportunity for You!

Peter Stone now offers business owners, new and existing, the opportunity to expand the number of designs and items of Peter Stone Jewelry without having to have to carry a huge inventory with our new Wholesale Dropship Marketing Success System!


The Benefits

This gives you huge leverage and benefits in many ways most people don't realize.

  • You keep your cash invested in the most profitable items, moving them quickly.
  • You have the ability to test new items you are unsure of and cut your risk.
  • You reduce the buying mistakes in a big way.
  • Listing hundreds of items, you believe your customers will be interested in gives your websites more value.
  • Even though the profits are less, they ARE PROFITS, and not buying mistake LOSSES!
Now, you have the ability to test as many designs as you like and explore new collections to keep your website fresh and exciting with something NEW every few weeks or, at a minimum, Every Month!
Rotate out images and jewelry that gets not views or interest with NEW jewelry designs and collections to keep people's interests high. Eventually, they Buy!
Once you start seeing a line or items start to sell for you, it is at that time you CONFIDENTLY order inventory at Wholesale, then Maximize your PROFITS.

      What a way to GROW your Business. Almost RISK-FREE with the help of the Peter Stone Jewelry Drop Ship Program!!! This is very Simply put… SMART BUSINESS.

      Just one of the many tools, tips, and opportunities Peter Stone offers you.

      Weekly Marketing Lessons

      Hit Like on our Peter Stone Live Facebook Page to get many more Money-making Ideas via Peter Stone’s CEO’s Weekly Live Streams!

      • Get a MAJOR Selling Advantage over the competition with our latest tools and marketing outreach systems.
      • Learn from Peter's 30 + years from the School of Hard Knocks Front Line lessons! Mistakes you don't want or need to make because Peter has done it for you!

      What You Can Do As A Drop Shipping Member

      The Peter Stone Wholesale Dropship Marketing Success System will allow you to sell Peter Stone Jewelry on your website and have the customer directly place an order. We will then fill your order and ship it directly to the customer, with your company name and contact details, not ours!

      By doing this and being a part of the Wholesale Dropship Marketing Success System, you have the many advantages listed above. This allows you to focus on the SELLING and NOT the back Room Management of a HUGE inventory!

      You leave out all of the hassles of having to deal with keeping and tracking a BIG inventory in your business and placing large orders. We have now found a way to simplify that.

      That's UNTIL! You have Successfully, step by step, progressively grown your business profitably and systematically and a way that keeps you in the game for a long, long time! 


      How It Works

      1. Sign our web agreement permitting you to sell our jewelry on your website.
      2. Upload our jewelry images and descriptions to your website.
      3. Your customers shop on your website and purchase jewelry directly from you.
      4. Send us your customer's orders as you receive them.
      5. We then ship your customer's order directly to them.
      6. You Pre-pay using any major credit card or Pay-Pal before we start processing the order. Once we receive payment, we will immediately send your order to the jewelry production team.
      7. All jewelry shipped comes from our hand polished and finishing team within a week with the highest Luster and Beauty, making you a hero! Exceptional in the Jewelry Marketplace! Your customer will be back for MORE!!!

      Note: Peter Stone is not responsible for Drop Ship customer service issues. You are fully responsible for resolving any and all issues that may arise from the transaction.

      • Part of Peter's Training will guide you on how to profit and grow for customer service concerns. We have resolved hundreds of them, and that is why we continue to grow!
      • You will be charged shipping for each order. You are responsible for collecting shipping and insurance costs from your customers
      • -Shipping is done via USPS priority mail only for USA customers. Shipping & Handling is only $27.00
        - For other countries it is done via FedEx and shipping & handling charge is different depending on which country, orders are shipped from Thailand.
        -Orders that are shipped to countries outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees charged by your destination country.
        -Any charges for customs clearance are the responsibility of the buyer.
      • Delivery from Peter Stone is 15-21 days for the USA, Canada 3-4 weeks for the date of confirmation and payment for the order.
      • For all Sterling Silver Jewelry we allow our dropship customers to sell up to 30% lower than our retail website list prices: www.peterstone.com
      •  All gold jewelry must be sold no lower than our list retail website pricing.
      • Customers will receive tracking #" s from usps.com once the order is shipped.
      • During the holiday season, all orders require one extra week.
      • Customers who would like to exchange items; are responsible for all shipping costs associated with any exchanges.
      • You can only do exchanges within 7 business days after the customer has received the goods. We currently have a No Refund Policy.


      Start Today

      If you want to begin your Drop Shipping business with us Today, please refer to this Google Folder to view all of our Available Jewelry for Drop Shipping. Once done, follow the steps below:

      1. Send us a list of items you would like to upload to your websites via pam@peterstone.com or you may directly download them from the folder. You can match the codes with the product titles on our website or you can create your own titles, just remember to keep the code name or code number for us to correctly identify the product you want to sell.
      2. We will send the images requested, the same ones we use on our website.
      3. Any images you require in a higher resolution may incur a small fee for the work.

      CONTACT - pam@peterstone.com for further Details, Benefits, and More Marketing Questions.