Quality of Craftsmanship


Peter Stone is committed to bringing you the highest quality jewelry, and because we manufacture all the jewelry we sell, we stand behind the quality of our pieces 100%.

We take quality seriously, and have rigorous standards in place to ensure that all the jewelry we manufacture is of the highest quality since 25+ years. We hold our jewelry to the standards below, so our customers only receive beautifully crafted jewelry they can be proud to wear.

Quality Of Craftsmanship can make or break the sale. This sounds like an obvious statement since most people quickly visualize a flimsy piece of metal that nobody would waste their money on, but what about subtle differences in quality? Two pieces of jewelry that appear identical at first glance can reveal many differences in quality upon closer inspection.


First, the thickness of the jewelry should be even. Careless finishing and polishing can result in thin spots around a ring or across flat surfaces of other jewelry. Thickness is also related to the total gram weight of a piece of jewelry and the durability of that jewelry.

Even Edges

Band rings and bangles should have straight, parallel edges. Non-parallel edges may again be the result of careless finishing.

Seams and Sizing

Rings should be cast to size to avoid unsightly attempts to cut out or add sections to make smaller or larger sizes. Seams in bangle designs should be invisible.

Attention to Detail

All areas should be detailed and finished with even texture whether they are a focal point or not. The backs or insides should also be chased with even texture or polished to a smooth, brilliant shine. No pitting should be present, not even on the insides or backs off the jewelry.

Sculpted details should have crisp, clean edges and be aesthetically pleasing. Detail that is not crisp may be the result of a manufacturer using another company's jewelry to serve as a master copy for their own production. Just like using a photocopier, much detail is lost if you make a copy from a copy.

Stone Settings

Bezel settings should be even all around the stone. The shape should be symmetrical and meet the stone perfectly around its entire circumference without gaps.