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Such an Amazing piece!  I recieve an abundance of positive feedback daily.  I am regularly told by perfect strangers how "beautiful" or how much they "love my necklace." What compells a stranger to make the wearer know that they like, appreciate, or adore a necklace you wear.  It never ceases to amaze me how effectively the energy of beauty and wisdom entertwined is conveyed by Sabrina in this piece.

Mary S.

I love this piece. This pendant is very pretty. It is clearly a high quality piece of sterling jewelry. It has a good weight to it considering it's dainty size. Totally unique design. Very different and beautiful. I like to layer it with a couple of other pieces. Because of the way it's designed, this piece looks best high on the neck on a shorter length chain. That way the piece doesn't flip when you're wearing it.

Leslie O'Brien

I bought this ring to use as an inexpensive alternative to wearing my wedding band when I travel but it's so beautiful I wear it now as a right hand ring!  The scaling on the knot is good- not too small, not to big.  I love Peter Stone jewelry!

Laura W.

This is a gorgeous piece of craftmanship in a design that will not be found anywhere else.  The symbolic nature of the design is well thought out and executed to perfection.  The longer we've had our rings the more we love them.  They have received much attention from admirers everywhere.


This was a gift from my dad for Christmas, which was to be our last Christmas together. The weight is substantial yet it is comfortable, truly a stunning piece. It will always hold a very special memory for me now, being a memory of my last Christmas with my best friend. I received it in amethyst & it has become my favorite.