Wholesale clients top questions asked
1. Why is your jewelry more expensive than other vendors I have seen? 
“You get what You pay for”
Peter Stone takes pride in the fact that we offer the absolute highest quality .925 sterling silver jewelry with the most intricate detailing and solid weight with-in the industry. We do not try to be the cheapest, we strive to be the BEST. This has allowed us over the last thirty years to become the leading sterling silver jewelry designer and manufacturer worldwide. 
2. What is your Minimum Order Requirement?
“Not enough to go around”
We never want your customers to think this. Minimum order requirement is $500. The reason we require these specific minimum requirements is to ensure our wholesale partners success. This allows our clients to offer a large enough variety to show a diverse collection appealing to all of your clientele tastes. This will open up opportunity where as with a smaller orders, you would not have such high earning potential.
3. What makes your jewelry different from other vendors? 
“We hold ourselves to higher standards”
Peter Stone doesn’t just  mass produce jewelry, as most companies do. In fact every order is created on demand. We create emotion with every design. Each piece is handcrafted going through its own detailed process until the final results is a true masterpiece. Jewelry created to be passed down from generation to generation.
4. Why does it take three weeks to receive my order?
“ You can't rush perfection”
Peter Stone creates each order “On Demand”. This means every order you place will be received 100% , there is NEVER any back order. This also means that every order will include brand new shiny sterling silver and gold jewelry. None of our jewelry will have been aged sitting on a shelf collecting dust . Each piece is special made just for YOU!. With this process, it can take up to three weeks from placement of order to receipt of product but it is always “well worth the wait”!
5.  Any minimum requirement for each SKU? 
“Keep it Simple”
No, not at this time. Peter Stone currently only requires a minimum order of $500 for each placements.
6. Do You offer Images of your items for my online store?
“That and MORE”
Yes we do! Once you become a Peter Stone wholesale customer by placing a order or if you sign the web agreement and drop ship agreement and pay the start up fee for drop shipping, we can provide you with images, descriptions, email templates and banners for social media to assist you in successfully selling our product.
7. Do you offer Drop Shipping?
“Offering Success, one step at a time”
Peter Stone offers Drop Ship services as a pathway to becoming a successful wholesale client. To become a drop ship client, simply sign our web agreement and drop ship contract.
Pay the $200 start up fee and you will then pay wholesale cost for each order and pay shipping and handling per drop ship order we fulfill. We ask that you take this time in your venture to begin and watch your clients buying habits. We encourage customers to start building their own inventory and slowly switch over from drop ship client to full time wholesale customer, improving and expanding your opportunity for higher profits.
8. Do you offer displays?
“Presentation is Everything”
Peter Stone has designed Eco-Friendly rubber wood display cases specifically for our jewelry. Each display case was created to assist our clients with selling our product. Ensuring each piece is clearly visible and spotlighted for your customers review.
9. Is there a place I can review the services You offer wholesale clients?
"one stop shop”
Absolutely. In fact Peter Stone has created a page just for our wholesale customers to watch or read our Peter Stone Suite of Services.
and check out all of the amazing programs we currently offer.
10. How can I be a MORE successful retailer and grow my business?
“Look no further”
Peter Stone, Founder and CEO of Peter Stone Company ( featuring Five successful jewelry brands), is a world renowned author, television personality, business and life coach and consultant and motivational speaker. He has over thirty years of retail experience and he shares that with his clients via webinars around the world. For a discounted course and a chance for one on one coaching and consulting with Peter Stone himself. Applications are accepted and reviewed by Peter Stone himself. A select few are chosen annually to take part in Peter Stones extraordinary webinar series and one on one coaching . Take the first step in your success TODAY by clicking HERE.
11. Do You have Pre Selected Displays filled with Best Sellers?
“Ask and You shall receive”
Many customers along the way have asked us to put together a list of Best Sellers and fill display cases for them. Through years of experience and through our own order fulfillment, we are able to fill displays with both current best sellers and up and coming trend setters to ensure your success.
12. Can I return items for a refund?
No. Peter Stone does not offer cash refunds to neither retail or wholesale clients. We can credit your account for the returned item according to our returns policy ( Please See Shipping and Returns Policy Here) as a credit toward your next wholesale order or we can exchange the item(s) but we do not offer refunds.
13. What if I cant find my question on this list of FAQ's?
“ A simple phone call will do”. If you cant find your question here, email peterstone@peterstone.com or call us at 800-397 8787 . We are always happy to assist our clients in any way we can. We strive to ensure a positive and excellent buying experience every time! 
14. How do I sign up for the Peter Stone referral program?
“Earn while you sleep”.
Our amazing Peter Stone Referral Program will earn you HUGE savings on future wholesale orders. Unlike any other referral program you have ever encountered,
visit here to start earning FREE JEWELRY today! 
15. I can't seem to log in to my wholesale account?
“There is always a simple answer”
Usually it is that you are trying to log in to the wrong site page.
First visit https://peterstonewholesale.com/account/login and then put your user-name is always your email address and your password is what you set up.  If you try this and can still not enter the wholesale site, please contact Pam at pam@peterstone.com or request to re-activate account at
16. How can I place my Peter Stone jewelry order ?
“We make it Easy”. Visit https://peterstonewholesale.com/account/login and log in using your user-name and password and then visit the shopping cart and place your order online. Or you may email
(peterstone@peterstone.com or pam@peterstone.com ) OR CALL IN  @ 1-800-397-8787.or You may fax your order to  1-302-397-2224
17. Can I pay a fee to RUSH my order?
“Full steam ahead”
Yes. Pay a simple Rush Fee of 10% and we will rush your order within two weeks.
18. What is the Mark Up for Peter Stone Jewelry?
“Watch Your Profits Soar”
Peter Stone jewelry's mark up is between 350%-500% depending on your marketplace.
19. Can I order catalogs and have them delivered?
“Save a Tree, Order digitally”  Peter Stone is an Eco-Friendly company and we ask that if at all possible you allow us to send you digital catalogs , as keeping with our mission statement to always be environmentally friendly.