Together, we are the Tree of Life ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry SET007

Together, we are the Tree of Life Pendant Earrings Chain with Jewelry Gift Box Set SET007

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The tree, I must say, is the most amazing piece of art Mother Nature has gifted us.
It’s a very special moment when we are surrounded by trees in a forest or in parks. We feel like we are caressed by the earth’s love...
On the branches, we swing to fill the happiness the day brings.
We find shelter in their shade beyond comforting.
The Tree of Life is indeed a significant symbol representing how the forces of nature combined to create balance and harmony. It depicts that all life on Earth is interconnected.
It is a spirit of life, a spirit of growth, and a spirit of holding its head up profoundly celebrated in Peter Stone Tree of Life collection. Trees are believed to be guardians of the land and acted as a doorway to the spirit world in Celtic tradition. They symbolize strength, wisdom, and longevity.
As an influential symbol in Celtic culture, recognizing the Tree of Life in fine sterling silver offers a combination of elegant design and ancient symbolism. Now available in a gift box, Peter Stone excellently presents you the bestselling Tree of Life design set.
It includes an 18” chain, a $42.95 value, FREE!***