Thors Hammer Jewelry Sterling Silver TPD3182

Thors Hammer Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant TPD3182

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Thors Hammer Jewelry Sterling Silver TPD3182

Zeal in the mystical triumph of the mighty Thor in this Sterling Silver Pendant  by Peter Stone. Possessing the power to level mountains, Thor’s hammer symbolizes masculine energies, focused intention, and the power over the natural world.

An important figure of ancient Norse heritage as a token of strength and protection.

If we’re to call upon the mighty Thor’s power, we seek to signify his attributes for help in various aspects of our lives with the likeness of how people in the modern times call upon the God of their own religions.

The most important attribute, of course, lies in His Hammer or “Mjolnir” which doubles his strength in the battles he fought with his enemies. A powerful amulet to grasp the Mighty Thor’s power and courage.

Details :

- .925 Sterling SIlver

- Pendant size 28 mm. W x 37 mm. H