Captured by the Grace of the Trinity Knot Angel ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry SET005

Trinity Knot Angel Pendant Earrings Chain with Jewelry Gift Box Set SET005

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You are always guided.
In the moment, there is always a Divine guidance that dwells in your mind and in your heart, too.
It’s always around you. Stop. Look within, listen, know. Feel that something special. She is there for you.
Inherently present in everything we do, most notably found in the intricately designed Trinity Knot Angel set. Such flow, beauty and energy felt when wearing these magnificent sterling silver pieces. Now available in a gift box, Peter Stone excellently presents you the bestselling trinity knot designs.
The Trinity knot, also called the Triquetra, is one of the best-known symbols in Celtic culture.
Familiarly, the Trinity Knot symbolizes God’s eternal love of the Holy Trinity looped through the arcs emphasizing unity of the three such as the mind, body and spirit. When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.
The symbol thus also appears on rocks throughout the Celtic region associated with the three elements of nature – water, earth and air. Water represents our emotions, air symbolizes our thoughts, and earth is us.