The Enchanted Iridescent Light of the Dragonfly’s Wings ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry SET034

Dragonfly’s Wings With Synthetic Black Onyx Pendant Earrings Chain with Jewelry Gift Box Set SET034

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Imagine our childhood days when we happily played around the lake. We tried to catch a dragonfly hovering gently in the water lily. It flew swiftly...backwards and forwards with a sense of power and grace.
Their wings shifted and sparkled with iridescent colors of the natural earth. It was beautiful. It was mesmerizing. The dragonfly always amazed us. We reckoned how grateful we are to live this wondrous life.
Enchanted by the dragonflies’ light, Peter Stone highly regarded the dragonflies as symbols of light and transformation. Its strong association with light reflects beautiful and admirable hues adorned by the intricately crafted design now available in a gift box.
Day by day, dragonflies inspire us by the power of its light and creative imagination.
They draw us near towards the positive and colorful changes we all dream about.
Let your light shine, shine brightly!