Kitchen Magic Silver Cauldron Pendant TPD2931

Make your Own Fantasy in a Magic Cauldron Pendant TPD2931

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Make your Own Fantasy in a Magic Cauldron TPD2931

Once in a faraway land, there lived a long-haired witch wrapped in a plain black gown with large eyes and dark lips - sitting in a corner, waiting for something to come out of the kitchen cauldron. Oh, magic! Similarly, in Celtic religious practice, the magic cauldron was used for divination and sacrificial rituals. The cauldron was an emblem of the domain of water and were frequently sacrificed to the gods of lakes and rivers. The symbol of the cauldron, both as representation of rebirth and as source of continuous abundance, looms large in Irish mythology, as well. Food, beer and whiskey are believed to overflow from the magic cauldron. Who says only witches can do the magic tricks, or wizards can utter Abracadabra? Let the magic happen with the Kitchen Magic Silver Cauldron Pendant!