Cimaruta Witch Charm TPD3369

Mystified by the Cimaruta Witch Sterling Silver Jewelry Charm Pendant TPD3369

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The Cimaruta is an Italian folk charm traditionally worn around the neck to ward off the evil eye, or hung above the infant’s cribs for the same purpose.
Established in the lore of the Old Religion of Italy, it is fashioned after the image of a sprig of rue, which is an herb that is highly featured in Italian magic and legend. The branch of the rue is partitioned into three stems symbolizing the triple form goddess, Diana.
Mostly produced from the late 18th century up to the present day in Naples, South Italy, the belief in Cimaruta Witch Charm has remained strong inspired in this mystical pendant by Magick Symbols. Through its powerful essence, you align yourself with the Witches of Olde, carrying on a tradition kept for countless generations.