Cimaruta Witch Charm TPD3132

There’s Magick Behind the Sterling Silver Jewelry Cimaruta Witch Charm Pendant TPD3132

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Magick, in essence, is the ability to communicate to the universe what you want in a possible way, so the universe can then respond and create what you desire. The fascination can either be manifested through protective symbols, talisman, and good luck charms such as the mystical Cimaruta.
A beautiful silver charm formed of twisted branches, hung with various symbols immediately familiar to a pagan or witch with the Crescent Moon being the most central and visible therein, who has been bewitched by the mystery of Cimaruta Witch Charm?
Combining the powerful symbols you can think of, Magick Symbols emphasizes the significance of each of the icons in Wicca Pagan tradition. The Lunar energy embodied in the Crescent Moon signifies protection; Goddess Diana’s key opens the portal between the worlds; the Rue flower is associated with the protective qualities of the moon; and lastly, the hand, which symbolizes strength and safety against the evil eye, wards away the malevolent influences or ill wishes.
In this realm of mystery, know that you stand upon the cusp of something magickal and great. Believe in limitless possibilities. Let yourself be open to everything that is yet to come.