Celtic Triquetra Knot Silver Filigree Pendant TPD482

Celtic Knotwork Triquetra Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry with Chakra Gemstones TPD482

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Little is known about the Triquetra before the Christian era.
Of Latin origin, Triquetra is a continuous knot made up of three interlocked loops with no beginning and end.
It represents the triplicities that surround us (Earth, Sea, Sky; Birth, Death, Rebirth) and symbolizes the eternal spiritual life.
The Celtic Triquetra is a powerful statement that manifests throughout the Celtic region associated with the three elements of nature – water, earth, and air.
Water depicts our emotions, air symbolizes our thoughts, and the earth is us.
Peter Stone combines a simple design framed with a symbolic representation in this sterling silver pendant that blends in the powerful message of Trinity adorned with Chakra gemstones.
When the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.