Celtic Trinity Knot Snake Pendant TPD1108

Hides the powerful ~ Celtic Knotwork Snake Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry TPD1108

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The symbolism of snakes dates back from millions of years described upon as good, ferocious, reincarnation, desire, and healing.
Oftentimes, we dream of snakes which would mean luck and suppressed feeling towards someone.
Snakes are the most feared animal.
They can hide so well, that not even their sharp-eyed predators are able to see them.
The smallest snake in history is extremely strong that anyone can die with its deadliest grip.
Like us, snakes are resilient to their environment – hot or cold.
They are survivors of nature inspired in this sterling silver pendant of Peter Stone with a Celtic twist.
Though snake shed their entire skin, they re-emerge whole.
They glide through even the most harrowing experiences.