Triquetra’s Spiritual Message ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry SET003

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Little is known about the triquetra before the Christian era depicted with a circle interlocking the triangular shape. It appears to be one of the simplest Celtic Knots, but its meaning is profound.
Of Latin origin, the word “Triquetrus” emphasizes “three cornered” or “triangular,” and is seen as a continuous knot symbolizing an eternal spiritual life with no beginning and end, the same way that there is no beginning and no end to the cycle of life.
Representing the triplicities that surround us (Earth, Sea, Sky; Birth, Death, Rebirth), the Triquetra is a powerful statement about the world we live in . Peter Stone combines a simple design framed with tiny representations of this most subtle symbol blending the powerful message of trinity with exquisite elegance.
When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness and centeredness are the natural results.
The symbol appears on rocks throughout the Celtic regions associated with the three elements of nature – water, earth and air. Water represents our emotions, air symbolizes our thoughts, and earth is us.
Now available in sets, Peter Stone exclusively presents you the bestselling
triquetra design gift box.
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