Celtic Knotwork & Emerald Glass Silver Bracelet TBL035

Celtic Knotwork and Emerald Glass in Sterling Silver Link Bracelet Jewelry TBL035

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Capture the Irish beauty and tradition in this Celtic Knotwork link bracelet with a splash of the shimmering green which represents the color of the Irish isles by Magick Symbols. Unique and creative, Celtic knots have been utilized for more than 1500 years. They compel the eyes and delight the minds with deep purpose and meaning: to convey the eternal nature of our universe and existence, and to shed light on the continuation of all things without beginning or end.
The ancient Celts used specially designed knots to represent their symbolic beliefs in an artistic visual form. Each of which is instantly recognizable as a symbol of their one-of-a-kind culture showing two essential characteristics that all Celtic knots share. Endless, interwoven strands and a strict over-under pattern. Such distinctive art is clearly recognized in sterling silver craftsmanship and rich Celtic symbolism you can expect in this stunning jewelry piece.