Celtic Knot LGBTQ Pride Pendant TPD729

See the rainbow as it flows endlessly ~ Celtic Knotwork Sterling Silver Rainbow LGBTQ Pride Pendant Jewelry

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We draw smiles in our faces each time we think of the magical word "rainbow.” It brings hope, creativity and positivity all day. A symbol of the Pride Community, the rainbow flag was originally designed by Gilbert Baker.


Clean, classic, and vibrant. In Celtic wisdom, the rainbow is called “kambonemos”, a “curve of the sky.” It intuitively signifies promise, faith and new beginnings. It’s prismatic colors gives us light to follow our hearts and desires.


Crafted with passion and elegance, the rainbow sterling silver pendant depicts playfulness, peace, wealth, and happiness. All it takes is a little faith and this beautiful pendant will fill you with positivity every time you wear it. Look forward to a bright tomorrow with this simple, yet inspiring affirmation.