Cat Familiar Earrings TER361

Cat Familiar Earrings TER361

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Animal Totems have given inspiration and support to people all over the world for centuries, and the cat is a very popular spiritual guide. Peter Stone The world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry has released the Animals and Nature collection, which captures the essence of your favorite animals.

These Cute Kitties Silver Earrings capture the affection and playfulness of a kitten, which is sure to lift the spirits of all who wear them. Cats have long been loyal companions of man, and were once revered as sacred animals in ancient Egypt.

Meticulously crafted from fine silver, these Cute Kitties Silver Earrings are the perfect adornment for a person who loves cats, and the special relationship they share with people.

If you want to celebrate the special kitty in your life, or add some affection and playfulness to your day, these Cute Kitties Silver Earrings are the perfect way to channel the spirit of the cat.