Cari Buziak Celtic Knot Triskele Bracelet TBA023

Manannan’s Waves ~ Cari Buziak Celtic Knot Triquetra Wave Cuff Bracelet TBA023

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In Celtic mythology, Manannan mac Lir is the God of the Sea.
He is the Guardian of the Gateway to the Blessed Isles where heroes and favored mortals are welcomed by the Gods to live with them.
In paradise.
The Celtic believed that Manannan was connected through mists with the other worlds, where the souls journeyed in the after-life inspired in this sterling silver jewelry designed by the celebrated artist, Cari Buziak.
Manannan is very like the Greek Poseidon in that he is depicted as riding the waves in a horse-drawn chariot and wearing a huge cloak that flashes with many colors and catches the light just as the sea does.