Cari Buziak Celtic Heart Pendant TPD635

Cari Buziak Celtic Knotwork Heart Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry TPD635

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Bringing in a true testament of Celtic knotwork in a form of a sterling silver pendant, Peter Stone Jewelry expands and celebrates the eternal love in an interconnected hearts form designed by the celebrated artist, Cari Buziak.
Infinite and never-ending.
The energy of love is one of the highest energies the world has, and the acts of love raise meaningful consciousness in all of us.
Love sets us an example to follow and aspire to.
It teaches us compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and peace which leads to an exemplary and admirable life.
Start your beautiful day today and spread the love with this awe-inspiring piece!

29 mm. W x 30 mm. H (Not including Bale)