Celtic Knotwork Cross Pendant TPD3009

An intricate reminder of endless faith and courage ~ Celtic Knotwork Cross Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry with Amethyst Gemstone TPD3009

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In light of the natural opposites they lived with, light to darkness, winter to summer, the ancient Celts were devotees to harmony and balance celebrated in this beautiful sterling silver pendant adorned with a stunning amethyst gemstone. The Celtic Cross is a traditional symbol of faith and spirituality decorated with ornate Celtic knotwork carvings and imagery of Bible stories and inscriptions.


Peter Stone Jewelry has created the Celtic Elegance Collection to honor the rich Celtic Heritage in an elegant and modern interpretation. Celtic cross is believed to have its roots in ancient pagan beliefs. The stone circle at Calanais, on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, is formed in a rough circle, with an even-armed cross within it. This is depicted to be a sun symbol to the creators of the stone circle, which became a sacred shape of the Celts.