Anchor of Peace ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry SET072

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Keeping firm and steadfast amid the uncertainty of storms and other elements, anchors are guides that make us feel grounded and settled emphasized by the ones found on boats and large ships.
They are steady, solid and strong showcased in this handcrafted, fine sterling silver set of Peter Stone Jewelry exclusively available in this gift box set.
The anchor’s symbolic shape alone speaks wondrous powers for ocean lovers and Seafarers alike. They connect their passion for the oceans and strengthen each other’s bonds.
A symbol of security and stability, an solid anchor connects with ourselves and we definitely hold the values we believe with strength and firmness, may it be in good times or when the waves come crashing down. When we need it most.
Just as you are... hold the bond strong. Guard yourself from the storms of life.
Anchor your soul. Firm and secure. Hold steady.