Child Labor by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images


This Month Peter Stone has been raising awareness on a very real subject - THE MONEY YOU ARE LOSING AND WHO IS TRULY PAYING FOR CHEAP KNOCK OFFS!

Now You may wonder what human trafficking has to do with the Jewelry business. Much more than you probably realize.

The organization “Human Rights Watch”  has documented hazardous child labor in the agriculture, mining, leather, apparel and jewelry industry, as well as countless other sectors. An estimated 230 Million children will work in sweatshops around the world this year instead of attending school. Millions will be harmed or even killed while adding their forced skills to the Global Economy.

The sad thing is that many of us are funding these traffickers. Every time we purchase from a manufacturer or store a product that has a TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE price attached, more than likely it is. These cheap prices come from the products being created by abducted children in horrible conditions in sweatshops around the world.

But how can we tell the difference between a company that sells a valued legal product and one that is manufactured through the sweat of blood of children? I will use Peter Stone as an example!

Peter Stone pays top dollar not only for the highest quality silver to create his own .925 sterling silver but pays additional monies to have the silver tested monthly by an assay office in order to display his Assay Certification for consumers and wholesalers alike to see.


Peter Stone utilizes copper as the only additive ( you must use another metal in order for the silver to have the necessary strength to withstand the jewelry making process) while other more unethical companies merely sell silver plated jewelry and advertise it as REAL SILVER. Or they add nickel and lead which can cause skin issues, and a permanent tarnish not long after being sold.

Peter Stone owns a factory with all of the amenities, where most will set up temporary sweatshops and have workers work day in and day out in horrible working conditions for less than pennies a day.

Peter Stone only collaborates with the most educated and talented designers available, while these underhanded businesses knock off designs (like Peter Stone’s)  and others of similar

Where Peter Stone pays only elite expert artisans, and offers a pay scale to all workers above the suggested  international labor law wage, while these greedy horrid people pay less than cents a day to children that are stolen from their backyards or even worst, they pay them nothing because they have been bought cheap through child trafficking rings, IN BULK.  

TRUE VALUE starts with the creative idealist, it is brought to life by skilled and educated hands using only the highest quality materials and is distributed around the world by professional honest businesses. That is what Peter Stone has advocated since he founded his business over 30 years ago.

Next week we will dive into the exact differences between a Company that offers transparency and operates legally and one that is involved in illegal knock offs and sordid affairs. Businesses you do not wish to associate with!