Silver Wizard Ring and Chain Set TR3769

Be Enchanted by the World of Wizardly - Ring and chain set TR3769

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In Irish mythology, the country folk of the Middle Ages told stories of shape-shifting spirits who visited them in the dead of night. Often, these magical creatures were believed to be witches or wizards changing between human and animal forms. The word “wizard” is derived from the Middle English word ‘wys’ (meaning wise) and the suffix ‘-ard’. In historical beliefs, Wizards possess certain abilities. They are all endowed with exceptional psychic powers, as they can see into the future, their own and others. Wizards are often immortal and are exceptionally strong. They are extremely intelligent and possess extraordinary knowledge through their spell cast and powerful magic. Indeed, the world of wizards is unique and fascinating. It is a never-ending journey where magic is all worthy.

Ring size 08

chain  20"