The Gold System

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The Wholesale Gold System is The Solution to a new, little known Cutting Edge method to Increase your Sales that few know of.

It gets better – there’s no inventory required!  

The Gold System will increase sales 30, 50 or even 100% and more making it a Grand Slam for your business.


In addition, the Wholesale Gold System is easy to set up and use and comes with step by step guidelines and everything you need to get started right away – Jewelry images, copy and suggested retail pricing plus a lot more.

With your NEW Wholesale Gold System, you'll take your business to the next level and solve cash-flow problems while you show up in a bigger way – a larger store offering more with your new jewelry designs in Gold.  

You have over 6500 to choose from in 43 niche markets. Need help deciding? Just ask us!

The Benefits

- There’s No inventory required

- A much bigger store means your buyers will stay longer

- You’ll have Increased sales

- A much bigger sale number per unit sold! (this is key)

- Feel more confident in your ability to sell gold jewelry.

- You‘ve got the Peter Stone team at your side to help

- Huge Leverage - Increased income with little extra effort.

- You continue doing what you’ve been doing but with greater value


Now it’s time to Get Started!  Let’s Go!