Fulfill Their Need to Give and Your need to Profit

Thinking from an entrepreneur's standpoint, keeping your store stocked with the RIGHT Jewelry is to ensure that your customers have something to buy and WILL buy.
But if you look at it on a deeper level…
The majority of people who buy Peter Stone Jewelry are not buying because of the need to be flashy.
They like Peter Stone Jewelry because it fills many voids and gives them the Inspiration, Connection and Energy that they need to survive and move forward into their lives with Positivity and Support.
That's how you Fulfill Their Needs.
How do we Fulfill Yours?
We don't only make sure that you have excellent quality, refined designs that you'll be proud to sell, we also push you and introduce you to proven methods to increase your sales, because we know your capabilities.
The success that we're experiencing for more than 35 years is also possible for you.
Only if, you BELIEVE! When you Expect the BEST to Happen, then it Will!
By giving you what you deserve, we sleep soundly at night.
Knowing that your business is thriving and that we're giving you great service makes us proud to be included in this…
Karmic Circle of Abundance!
Don't let them down this Thanksgiving day!
Great Karma awaits all of us!
Now, you must know that having GOLD in your inventory will GREATLY increase your revenue. The Gold buyers will now STOP, when before they had no reason to.
And now's the best time to expand! Gold Jewelry sales are consistently increasing and at a very nice pace upwards!
I can't afford to Sell Gold?
Some of you may have this mindset. But that's not an issue with Peter Stone!
Now, here's what we're giving you. Powerful options that will increase your revenue 2x, 3x, or more when you follow our simple guidelines and use the tools, images and videos available!
It Gets BETTER - Now New Friendly Payment Terms
We've made it possible for you to start selling gold without paying upfront. Pay After YOU get paid from your customer!
Yes, no cash investment upfront!
All you have to do is review and use our DropShip Marketing Tool! This adds great power to your presence online.
You'll get this $200 program free by e-mail once placing you wholesale order. This is a Powerful Tool that WILL increase your Sales.
Haven't bought in a while or new to Peter Stone?  Sign up for a NEW wholesale account access as we have a new Online Platform where a NEW Password is created by you. New in the last 16 months.
The season in Swiftly Approaching!
Click Here to Sign up and Order today!
Once you receive the email for the Dropship Marketing the and get the program details. You’ll Load our High-quality Jewelry and model Photos and Videos in your store and use them as marketing material IN ADDITION to your existing inventory. The only difference is this tool allows you up to 300 NEW jewelry images from as many Collections as you like in Sterling Silver and up to 120 Gold images for starters.
After a customer checks out from your store, you send us the payment and we will pack and ship the order with your company details and deliver it via USPS right to the doorstep of your customer or to you if you prefer.
Yes, your branding (business name) and we’ll include your message inside the order if you like!
Visit and create your wholesale account with us to see more of our wonderful designs and ongoing promotions: www.peterstonewholesale.com
You may best reach us thru these contact details:
Phone: +1-302-351-4500
Fax: 302 397 2224

To ensure you receive all of our emails also, add our email address to your address book or trusted sender list.
partners@peterstone.com / pam@peterstone.com
There are many ways to contact us: Please use any of the following that works best for you. If you get no response by email or phone for unknown reasons within 24-48 hours then please click the link to contact us form.

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